Website Repair Services

Is there something about your website that just isn't quite right? Have something broken or some element that needs adjusted?
Let us Fix Your Theme!

Step 1

All you have to do is fill out our Free Quote form and give us information about your website and the issue you would like fixed. We'll take a look and give you a free, no obligation, quote. All quotes are a flat rate, we don't charge by the hour.

Step 2

If you decide to move forward we'll give you a secure login for payment. After the payment is made you will have access to our client dashboard so you can see our notes, upload additional files, and to correspond with us directly during the process.

Step 3

Once we finish the fix we'll verify with you that everything was done correctly and that you are satisfied with the end results. If for some reason we are unable to perform the fix, or you're not satisfied, we offer full refunds.

About Us

With over 20 years of experience with web development, we have seen and fixed our share of website problems. We've worked on the smallest of websites as well as very large ones that receive over 3 million page views per day.

What We Fix

Here are some examples of things we fix. This is by no means a comprehensive list. If you don't see your issue listed please don't hesitate to request your free quote. Just be sure to give us clear information about the problem you're having.

  • General Design Issues
  • CSS & HTML Issues
  • Javascript Issues
  • Responsive Design Issues
  • Wordpress Templates
  • Wordpress Plugins
  • Wordpress Widgets
  • Wordpress Speed Issues
  • Mechbunny Templates
  • Malware Javascript Removal
  • Cross Browser Issues
  • Login Issues

Get Your Free Quote

Just give us some basic information about what you want to fix on your website. We'll take a look, diagnose the problem, and send you a free quote with zero obligation. The majority of our free quotes are delivered within 24 hours.